Individual scholarship application information
and submission process

Read thoroughly before beginning your application (application begins at bottom of page)


This application is very time-consuming and must be completed in its entirety. Applications missing supporting documents will not be accepted. Please allow plenty of time for completing the application and for obtaining recommendations and other supporting documents.

The Les Dames d’Escoffier Individual Scholarship for Culinary Education is given to qualified FEMALE applicants pursuing full time coursework in the culinary or pastry arts, beverage management, hospitality, agriculture or other related fields of study. The amount of each scholarship awarded is a minimum of $1,000.

Scholarship recipients will be notified no later than JULY 1 and funds will be made out to and sent directly to the named educational institution no later than AUGUST 1. Should the applicant’s debt with the educational institution be paid in full by the time Les Dames d’Escoffier funds reaches the institution, all funds shall be returned to Les Dames d’Escoffier Atlanta.

Scholarship application will open in March 2020.

Having technical trouble with your application? Please email and allow 48 hours for a response.

Individual SCHOLARSHIP Criteria

To be considered, applicants must meet the following criteria:

1. Be a legal resident of the State of Georgia. (The ONLY out of state residents permitted to apply must be accepted to a FULL TIME educational program WITHIN the State of Georgia.)

2. Be enrolled in, or accepted to a FULL TIME educational program as detailed above.

3. Have demonstrated a passion for learning, a strong work ethic, educational and/or occupational achievements and a propensity to give back to the foodservice industry and/or the community.

4. Submit COMPLETE online application and upload the 7 necessary documents detailed in the instructions by 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST) on May 15, 2019. INCOMPLETE applications will not be accepted for consideration.

5. The financial need of each applicant will be considered.

Application Instructions

 1. Below you will be asked to submit your name and email address. This will provide you with a URL to complete the application. You may go back to it if you are not able to complete the application at one time. Once you have completed all required fields, and have uploaded all necessary documents, click on the submit.

2. Answer the questions about yourself, your education, work history and community involvement. All information will be kept confidential and your application will be destroyed once the process is completed.

3. Write an essay stating why you qualify for this scholarship and what your short and long term goals are in the culinary and/or hospitality industry. Include any special considerations you think are noteworthy. Limit this essay to 700 words or less. [prepare for uploading]

4. Upload a current resume reflecting education, extra curricular activities, work history as well as volunteer/non-profit/community service. Special consideration will be given to students with hands on culinary experience. 

5. Submit copies of most recent transcripts AND have a sealed transcript mailed directly from the school to our scholarship chair (See address below). 

6. Submit two non-personal letters of reference on letterhead including contact information to verify references. Employers or others able to speak to your accomplishments and work ethic are preferred. 

7. Download the Educational Institution Financial Information form and have it completed and signed by a financial aid representative at your institution. Upload the completed, signed form.

8. Upload a copy of your SAR (Student Aid Report from the Free Application For Federal Student Aid) from your account at

ALL questions must be answered, text boxes completed, and all documents must be uploaded in order to submit application. 

If answers are non-applicable please indicate with N/A.

Once the fields in your application have all been populated and all required documents are uploaded you will receive an email confirmation. Please keep this confirmation for your records.