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Atlanta Dames are All About Giving

Philanthropy is a way of life in our chapter…it’s simply engrained in our collective DNA and remains the dynamic undercurrent of our activities and initiatives.  

Each year, in the name of ‘food’, thousands of dollars assist innumerable individuals and organizations to benefit the greater good…a delicious trickle-down effect, so to speak, on so many levels!


Our own chapter’s “Circle of Giving”

Les Dames d'Escoffier Atlanta's donation program, Circle of Giving, gives chapter members, businesses and friends the opportunity to support the Atlanta Chapter of LDEI and the exciting work that we do in the community. Through scholarships, we support local women in their culinary education. Our grants fund numerous sustainable food initiatives including Georgia Organics, Wholesome Wave, Peachtree Road Farmers Market, The Wylde Center (formerly Oakhurst Gardens) and Global Growers.

 This funding and sharing of member talent will increase the long term impact of LDEI Atlanta's philanthropic efforts for the better good of the benefiting organization, the people it serves as well as our greater Atlanta community.

In order to expand and grow this program, LDEI Atlanta's Circle of Giving ensures members, friends, fans and businesses have the opportunity to make tax deductible donations to further the work of LDEI Atlanta.

Any amount is welcome and bigger donations can be paid on a monthly basis. Gifts can also be given in honor or in memory of someone special as well.

All donors will be recognized at the annual meeting and donors of $250 or more will receive special recognition.

If you have any questions, or would like to make your donation via phone, contact Tamie Cook at philanthropy@ldeiatlanta.org. Please consider adding Les Dames d'Escoffier Atlanta to your end of the year giving to help make the culinary dreams of other women come true!

LDEI International’s “The Brock Circle”

The Atlanta Chapter’s $10K pledge (over 4 years) to The Brock Circle was made in honor of Dames Suzanne Brown Mary Moore, former LDEI international presidents from the Atlanta Chapter.

LDEI has created a new funding mechanism to help ensure the fiscal health of the organization, both now and going forward. The Brock Circle was created by the 2012 LDEI Board of Directors to recruit gifted funds. The Brock Circle was initially conceived as a group of 100 women who would each pledge to donate $10,000 over a ten year period, yielding $1,000,000 to be used for purposes such as conference enrichment as well as strategic programs such as Green Tables and the Global Culinary Initiative.Today, the Brock Circle welcomes donations of any amount. A pledge of $10,000 over ten years earns the donor, whether an individual or an entity such as a chapter, special recognition by LDEI at every opportunity.The Brock Circle was announced at the conference in St. Louis and several pledges have already been received. These donors will receive permanent status as leaders in the Brock Circle.Of the Brock Circle’s corpus, 60% is being held in an investment account, separate from other LDEI funds, to build a substantial financial foundation on which LDEI will be able to rely in the future. Up to 40% of each year’s donations may be used to address current strategic needs such as noted above.Look for more information about The Brock Circle in the coming weeks!

For more information, please contact Tamie Cook at philanthropy@ldeiatlanta.org.