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Dames Who Play in the Kitchen

We had such fun in September at our Inaugural Dames Who Play in the Kitchen, we're hosting another. Thursday, November 12, 6:00pm – 9:00pm we'll meet up at Stacy Zeigler's home in Brookhaven to play in the kitchen.  

The thought behind this originally came from our dear Dame Lea Brueckner, to honor her memory, we're bringing her idea to life.  We all lead very busy lives and rarely make the time to relax and cook with our friends.  Seize the moment!  If this group or the kitchen intimidates you, this is the perfect time to get to know your fellow dames. And you won't even have to cook if that's not your thing, it's all about the get together.

Our evening theme for the night is...“So you don’t know Jack!”  Everyone comes with an element of the party - fixings for a dish, a beverage or maybe the music for the night.  Not a potluck, this is a collaboration; come with something for the group, a beverage or recipe and ingredients and we’ll all pitch in to make a fabulous dinner.  Whatever you bring, it has to have an element of “Jack”.  Monterey JACK cheese and JACK Daniels, plumpJACK wine, JACKson Brown...yep, those creative wheels are turning. 

Stacy's kitchen can comfortably accommodate 10 so, rsvp NOW.  Stacy and Gena Berry are your hosts for the evening and will make sure no matter who or who doesn’t know Jack, we will all have a wonderful dinner to enjoy together by the end of the evening.

If you are interested, please rsvp to Stacy Zeigler at  RSVP deadline is Friday, November 6.