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Dames Who Play in the Kitchen for a Cause!

This is a DAMES only experience curated by Dames for Dames. Join Co-Hosts Stacy Zeigler, Amy Crowell, and Judith Winfrey for Dames Who Play in the Kitchen on Sunday, May 6 at 5 pm. This event will be a Giving Kitchen Supper Club event.

The Giving Kitchen (GK), a nonprofit providing emergency assistance to restaurant workers through financial support and a network of community resources, is celebrating its fifth anniversary this May with a new signature event: the GK Supper Club. Before Atlanta Chef Ryan Hidinger was diagnosed with stage-four cancer, he and his wife Jen hosted Prelude to Staplehouse supper clubs in their home as a precursor to opening their dream restaurant, Staplehouse.. After his diagnosis, the purpose behind opening Staplehouse became bigger than they had imagined, and the Giving Kitchen was born. In what is nearly five years, because of Ryan's vision, GK has helped over 1,000 restaurant workers in crisis with over $1.6 million. GK wants to honor Ryan's vision for the Giving Kitchen for its fifth anniversary by taking our supporters back to the beginning with the GK Supper Club, inspired by Prelude to Staplehouse.

Come join LDEI Atlanta in celebrating Ryan, Giving Kitchen and the fellowship of Dames for our GK Supper Club at the home of Stacy Zeigler. Make your favorite pot luck dish, bring a Peach Dish Kit inspired by Prelude to Supper Club or feel free to let one of Ryan’s Prelude to Supper Club dishes (Check out their amazing menus and photos at Prelude to Staplehouse) be your inspiration.

Please consider bringing a DONATION for the Giving Kitchen that night or donate online 

RSVP to Amy Crowell by Thursday, May 3. More information to be provided once you submit RSVP.