The Green Tables Initiative was created to expand the relationships among urban and rural farms and gardens to schools, restaurants and kitchen tables.

Since its launch in 2006, hundreds of members in the LDEI chapters have donated their time and talents to furthering these goals in their communities.


To connect innovative, sustainable agriculture, including urban and rural farms/gardens with restaurant, school and kitchen tables across LDEI chapter communities.


LDEI launched Green Tables in the fall of 2006. It was the first programmatic initiative across all its chapters.

Primary Goals

  • Promote community health and well-being

  • Foster LDEI’s leadership in the sustainable food movement

  • Build upon existing community food, gardening and agriculture efforts

  • Inspire focus on the value of local farmers and enhance the use of locally grown food

  • Share our skills and knowledge to further the local food movement and enhance public health

Key Strategy

To achieve these goals, the key strategy was to educate our members about the values and importance of sustainability in the food system. After 10 years, this objective has largely been achieved as awareness about the importance of sustainably produced food (such as organic, locally-produced, etc.) has become widespread and common knowledge.

For more information about our Green Tables projects and intiatives, or to get more involved, please reach out to our committee at