A Look Back: Autumn Mix & Mingle with Wholesome Wave Georgia

By Atlanta Dame Virginia Willis

The November meeting found Dames gathered at Preserving Place in Atlanta  for a presentation by Sara Berney, Director of Wholesome Wave Georgia (WWG) along with the manager of the Sweet Auburn Curb Market and local farmers who are also participants in WWG.  As a result of fund-raising efforts the Atlanta Chapter distributes approximately $30,000 in grants to various food and hunger related causes, including WWG in addition to our scholarship efforts. 

The goal of WWG is increase access to good food for all Georgians while contributing to the local food economy. By doubling each Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, aka Food Stamp) dollar spent at partner markets, WWG is able to leverage existing government food nutrition programs to encourage shopping at local farmers markets. The execution of the WWG program is simple: Every nutrition benefit dollar spent at a WWG partner market becomes two dollars for the shopper and for the farmer. This means more money for farmers and that more Georgians gain access to good, wholesome food. 

LDEI Atlanta has been instrumental in their growth and success under the guidance of Dame Judith Winfrey, WWG board president and board member Dame Woodie Wisebram.  Preserving Place is  a unique “farm to store” retail concept focusing on food preservation. Their state of the art commercial kitchen is used to make small batch, handmade jams, pickles and condiments; a culinary school, teaching students how to cook and put up their own food at home; and a food-focused event space where food-minded folk can gather and meet.