Dames Who Play in the Kitchen: Dames Who Don't Know Jack

We had our second installment of “Dames Who Play in the Kitchen” on November 12, hosted by Stacy Zeigler and Gena Berry with the theme of “Dames Who Don’t Know Jack”.  The fare ranged from Jack Fruit appetizers to  Woodsmoke Jack’s Trout salad, Amber Jack in parchment paper and a finale of Jacques Pepin’s chocolate mousse.  To round out the evening we had a fabulous Apple Jack Cocktail and Kendall “Jack”son wines and a playlist created with all our Jack favorites.  Creativity was not lacking!  Eight Dames came together with all the ingredients to create this fabulous feast.  Once the hard work was done, we were able to sit down and enjoy each other’s company over an exquisitely prepared meal.  It was a great night to connect with new and tenured Dames alike.  Gaye Anderson and Vicky Murphy have volunteered to spearhead the next one, so be looking for an invite in January. 

Jack Fruit Rangoons
By Dame Josalyn Holmes
1/2 can of jack fruit—you can get this at a farmers market like Dekalb’s or Buford Hwy
8 oz of cream cheese
4 Tblsp.  Scallions chopped
1 Tblsp. Garlic powder
Gyoza skins (aka potsticker skins)
2 egg yolks
2 quarts of frying oil
1.      Drain brine liquid off jackfruit and hand shred the jackfruit and put into a small bowl and mix in cream cheese,scallions, garlic powder until everything is well blended.
2.      Lay out gyoza skins and brush a thin coat of egg wash onto the skins.
3.      Put a small dollop of the jackfruit mixture onto the egg washed skins
4.      Fold the skins into your favorite shape. Example, half moons, or a pinched purse
5.      Deep fry the rangoons in hot oil ( 350 degrees) until golden brown an d floating
6.      Take out of oil and drain excess oil onto a towel
Dipping Sauce
 1 cup Rice wine vinegar
½ cup  Ketchup
2 tsp.  Garlic finely chopped
3 tsp. Sweet onion finely chopped
1 cup  White granulated sugar
Kosher salt to taste
2 each   Jalepeno or thai chili pepper- finely chopped
Mix all ingredients together and reduce on medium heat until sauce is thick and syrupy!
 Jack Fruit Melts
1/2 can of jack fruit
1 cup Heavy mayonnaise like Dukes or one made from scratch
1 each Hard boiled egg
3 Tbsp.  Sweet relish
3 Tbsp. Sweet onion- finely chopped
Your favorite sandwich bread
Celery- finely chopped
Provolone cheese or sliced white cheddar
1.      Drain brine liquid off the can of jackfruit, shred by hand  and place in a small bowl.
2.      Mix mayo, chopped hardboiled egg, sweet relish, sweet onion, and celery all into the bowl with the jack fruit.
3.      With a small sauté pan or sheet pan, spread a layer of the mixture onto your favorite bread.
4.      Add a slice ( or slices of cheese) to the mixture and add the other slice of bread on top
5.      Toast in an oven at 350 degrees, for about 8 minutes.
6.      Just a little note,  I like to add butter in  the pan and a little butter on the top slice before it goes into the oven.