Scholarship Corner - May 10, 2016

Dame Nancy Lutz & Dame Vanessa Parker McIntyre, Scholarship Committee Co-Chairs

The Scholarship Committee is getting geared up for our Scholarship deadline of May 15. We have already received 3 applications and have been working on outreach to Georgia schools to spread the word about the opportunity we provide through our scholarship program. We just wrapped up our 2nd quarter grant applications and below is a report from one of the 1st quarter recipients, Hilary King: 

"I really enjoyed and benefited from the Georgia Organics Conference this year. I am currently working on creating evaluation plans and vendor professional development plans. The sessions, particularly with Tenisio and the one on race and gender, were incredibly useful for this planning. In addition, we are working on more appropriate ways to tell the stories of our vendors, and I found the Scott Peacock session on food memories and me travel to be an excellent reminder of how talking about food can be a powerful way to bring history to life. 

Lastly, on a personal level, on Friday evening I was able to connect with activists from Augusta. We sat down together to discuss issues of addressing racial injustice over food that these three women chose to share with me. This conversation and evening were an amazing reminder of the power that food has to bring people together to discuss important, vulnerable and powerful ideas and to share experiences. I am grateful to LDEI for making my attendance possible, as it has fueled me in both ideas and spirit to continue with the challenging and rewarding work of building the Atlanta food movement."