Scholarship Corner: September 19

Dame Nancy Lutz & Dame Vanessa Parker McIntyre, Scholarship Committee Co-Chairs

Below is a note we received from one of our repeat scholarship recipients, Nicolette Kirkpatrick: 

"Good Afternoon,

I wanted to say thank you to you and the rest of the Dames for your continued support these last 4 years. My brother Tyler and I enjoyed the dinner and had a lot of fun getting to know the other recipients and new Dames I had not meet yet. I met a recipient that will be a freshmen at JWU this year and I can't wait to show her around.

I have made so many great connections and hope to continue to meet more Dames. I was told there is a new chapter in NC and I hope to get in contact with some of them for a new job and internship opportunity.

Thank you again,

Nicolette Kirkpatrick"