Scholarship Corner: September 19

Dame Nancy Lutz & Dame Vanessa Parker McIntyre, Scholarship Committee Co-Chairs

Below is a note we received from one of our repeat scholarship recipients, Nicolette Kirkpatrick: 

"Good Afternoon,

I wanted to say thank you to you and the rest of the Dames for your continued support these last 4 years. My brother Tyler and I enjoyed the dinner and had a lot of fun getting to know the other recipients and new Dames I had not meet yet. I met a recipient that will be a freshmen at JWU this year and I can't wait to show her around.

I have made so many great connections and hope to continue to meet more Dames. I was told there is a new chapter in NC and I hope to get in contact with some of them for a new job and internship opportunity.

Thank you again,

Nicolette Kirkpatrick"

Scholarship Corner - May 17, 2016

Dame Nancy Lutz & Dame Vanessa Parker McIntyre, Scholarship Committee Co-Chairs

Below are a few words from Dame Kathleen Perry about why she serves as part of the Scholarship Committee:

"I love serving on the Scholarship Committee because it is the one place to experience first-hand the full impact of our chapter’s mission to provide financial support for women who are pursuing a culinary career.

Each Scholarship Committee Dame takes her service commitment very seriously and is willing to devote many hours in careful consideration of each scholarship/grant applicant. It’s rewarding to meet the grateful awardees and share in their joy, knowing that we have contributed in a substantial way toward making their personal dreams a reality."

Scholarship Corner - May 10, 2016

Dame Nancy Lutz & Dame Vanessa Parker McIntyre, Scholarship Committee Co-Chairs

The Scholarship Committee is getting geared up for our Scholarship deadline of May 15. We have already received 3 applications and have been working on outreach to Georgia schools to spread the word about the opportunity we provide through our scholarship program. We just wrapped up our 2nd quarter grant applications and below is a report from one of the 1st quarter recipients, Hilary King: 

"I really enjoyed and benefited from the Georgia Organics Conference this year. I am currently working on creating evaluation plans and vendor professional development plans. The sessions, particularly with Tenisio and the one on race and gender, were incredibly useful for this planning. In addition, we are working on more appropriate ways to tell the stories of our vendors, and I found the Scott Peacock session on food memories and me travel to be an excellent reminder of how talking about food can be a powerful way to bring history to life. 

Lastly, on a personal level, on Friday evening I was able to connect with activists from Augusta. We sat down together to discuss issues of addressing racial injustice over food that these three women chose to share with me. This conversation and evening were an amazing reminder of the power that food has to bring people together to discuss important, vulnerable and powerful ideas and to share experiences. I am grateful to LDEI for making my attendance possible, as it has fueled me in both ideas and spirit to continue with the challenging and rewarding work of building the Atlanta food movement."


Scholarship Corner

From: Dame Nancy Lutz & Dame Vanessa Parker McIntyre, Scholarship Committee Co-Chairs

Below is a recap from Crystal Leach, LDEI grant recipient, of her experience at the Annual Conference of the International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP).

IACP 2015 – Conference through the Eyes of a First-time Attendee

I have to admit, I had pretty high expectations heading into my first IACP conference – I’d heard from many of my coworkers and mentors that this was going to be “such a great experience”.  Each time I mentioned that I was attending this years’ conference, I was assured that I would “love it – you’ll learn so much and make so many contacts”.  As the conference approached, I was beginning to worry- could any meeting really live up to all of that hype?  Well, I’m happy to report that it did –as I reflect on all I experienced and learned that jam-packed weekend in DC, I must admit my colleagues were right – it was a truly incredible experience.

One of the things that most impressed me about the conference sessions was the applicability of the topics and content.  My notes are filled with helpful insights and pragmatic tips that I can put into practice immediately.  A few of my favorites include Scott Peacock’s advice on capturing food histories (“Let them fill the space – don’t talk, even if it is uncomfortable…”), Monica Bhide’s detailed checklist for self-publishing a cookbook, and tips for taking professional-looking food photographs with my iPhone. 

As someone relatively new to the culinary world, still working on charting my course, I find it easy to get consumed with the practical aspects of building my career.  Given that tendency, perhaps what I appreciated most about this conference was that it provided insight and learning on multiple levels – from very practical tips and tools for everyday use to larger, more thought-provoking topics.  This was a weekend that spoke to both my head and my heart.

One of the most stimulating experiences of the conference was Friday’s Optional Tour of the Union Kitchen Food Incubator. We spent the morning touring the facility, meeting with the development team who conceived of and built the incubator and interacting directly with the food entreprenuers who are using this unique facility.  This was an in-depth, up-close and personal look at what it takes to start a new food business and how to build a community that supports this type of grass-roots economic growth.  The sign that greets you as you walk in the lobby represents the spirit and ethic of this unique community…Create. Contribute. Prosper.

In Saturday’s session on “Leveraging Your Voice and Brand for Social Good” I was reminded that “it’s possible to make both meaning and money”.  The discussion by Food Network and Share Our Strength staff members provided insight, encouragement and contacts I can apply to my current efforts at the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia. And, finally, on a personal level, it was a truly uplifting experience to witness Jacques Pepin Skype into the conference to celebrate his 80th birthday with the crowd, only 2 days after having a minor stroke.

I am grateful for the LDEI grant funding that supported my attendance at the 2015 IACP Conference.  As predicted – I did love it, I learned a great deal and I made many valuable contacts.  I’m confident I will be able to leverage all of these experiences in the coming months and years.